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    ALAGÖZ Food Marketing Company which has been founded in 1970 has still activating for industry of peanut as one of the major workings until today.In this duration , by developing
    Telephone: +90 342 554 20 02 Address: Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, 1. Cadde, No: 2, Nizip, Gaziantep, Turkey
  • dried nuts, assorted nuts, sunflower seeds, roasted chickpeas, chickpeas, yellow chickpeas, white chickpeas, double roasted chickpeas, crispy chickpeas, crunchy chickpeas, sesame chickpeas, sesame coated peanuts, peanuts, topy chickpeas, topy peanuts, topy cracked peanuts, cracked peanuts, chickpeas with sauce, peanuts with sauce, sugared chickpeas, pumpkin seeds, salted peanuts, raw shelled peanuts, salted shelled peanuts, shelled hazelnuts, dried nut, assorted nut, sunflower seed, roasted chickpea, chickpea, yellow chickpea, white chickpea, double roasted chickpea, crispy chickpea, crunchy chickpea, sesame chickpea, sesame coated peanut, peanut, topy chickpea, topy peanut, topy cracked peanut, cracked peanut, chickpea with sauce, peanut with sauce, sugared chickpea, pumpkin seed, salted peanut, raw shelled peanut, salted shelled peanut, shelled hazelnut
    Telephone: +90 258 263 00 03 Address: Saraylar Mah., Doktorlar Cad., Fehmi Cillov İşhanı, K: 3/303, Denizli, Turkey
  • dried fruits, dried nuts, dried nuts and fruits, peanuts, earthnuts, groundnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, sauce corn chips, corn chips, pistachios, cocktail dried nuts, cashews, cashew nuts, sugar coated chickpeas, nut chips, roasted almonds, roasted hazelnuts, white chickpeas, yellow chickpeas, salty yellow chickpeas, roasted pistachios, roasted almond kernels, roasted nutmeats
    Founded in 1979 as a small business, Ateşler Kuruyemis maintains its priority position in the sector with the same name since its establishment. Today, on 6000 m² closed area,
    Telephone: +90 324 616 34 41 Address: Şahin Mah., Sait Polat Bulvarı, 362 A., Tarsus, Mersin, Turkey
  • sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, peanuts, dried fruit, dried fruits, driedfruit, driedfruits, dryfruit, dryfruits
    Food, Dried Fruit, Turkish Manufacturer Company, Companies Turkey, Manufacturers Turkey, Manufacturing Turkey, Producers Turkey, Turkish Exporter, Import,
    Telephone: +90 324 234 04 52 Address: Özgürlük Mah. Turgut Özal Blv. Mertoç Gıda Toptancılar Sitesi D Blok No: 84, Akdeniz, Mersin, Turkey
  • dried fruits, coated products, dried nuts, coffees, pulses, sun flower seeds, nuts, salted nuts, peanuts, pistachios, pumpkin seeds, roasted chickpeas, chick peas, cashews, walnuts, cocktail dried nuts, flint corns, sauced corns, corn chips, dried apricots, dried grapes, blueberries, ground coffees, core coffees, bulgur, dried fruit, coated product, dried nut, coffee, pulse
    Our company entered into assorted nuts business in 1980 with white and yellow roasted chick pea and after 1985, it expanded its product range with the addition of white and black
    Telephone: +90 541 841 33 44 Address: Cumhuriyet Mh., Gazi Sk., No: 2, Kale, Denizli, Turkey
  • dried nuts, dried fruits, pistachios, almonds, walnuts, dried nut products, dried fruit products, nuts, assorted nuts, processed dried nuts, processed dried fruits, nuts kernels, mix dried fruits, mix dried nuts, sunflower kernels, pumpkin kernels, black sunflower kernels, hazelnuts, chickpeas, roasted chickpeas, peanuts, sauce corns, shelled nuts, unshelled hazelnuts, assorted dried nuts
    Gaziantep is a considerably important centre in Turkey for ever-growing dried nuts sector around the world. Gaziantep province was founded on fertile land called as “Mesopotamia”
    Telephone: +90 530 234 98 14 Address: Sanayi Mah., 60115 Nolu Cad. No: 2/138, Şehitkamil, Gaziantep, Turkey
  • foodstuffs, dried fruits, dried nuts, dried nuts and fruits, assorted nuts, nuts, foodstuff, dried fruit, dried nut, dried nut and fruit, assorted nut, nut, pistachios, almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, cashew kernels, brazil nuts, white chickpeas, yellow chickpeas, salted yellow chickpeas, roasted corn, peanuts, raisings, sultanas, figs, apricots, dried apricots, salted nut mixtures, saltless nut mixtures, popcorns, pistachio, almond, walnut, hazelnut, sunflower seed, pumpkin seed, cashew kernel, brazil nut, white chickpea, yellow chickpea, salted yellow chickpea, roasted corns, peanut, raising, sultana, fig, apricot, dried apricot, salted nut mixture, saltless nut mixture, popcorn
    Meray nuts was founded in 1978 in Gaziantep - Turkey as a family business. In 1999, the European headquarter was set in Germany, taking the bland to a global perspective. The
    Telephone: +90 342 357 06 90 Address: Dördüncü Organize San. Böl., 83414 No'lu Cad., No: 11, Şehitkamil, Gaziantep, Turkey
  • dried nuts, dried fruits, sunflower seeds, hazelnuts, almonds, roasted cashews, mixed nuts, coctail nuts, nuts, chickpeas, white chickpeas, candy coated chickpeas, roasted pumpkin seeds, pistachios, peanuts, roasted spicy corns, corns for popcorn, walnuts, turkish delights, dried apricots, dried grapes, raisins, dired figs, dried plums, prunes, dried white mulberries, beans, lentils, rices, bulgur, cashew roasted with milk, flaxseed, linseed, split chickpeas, persimmons
    Our company was established in 2000 to wholesale and retail of nuts, dried fruits, and candies. We are working on 2500 m2 working place with full capacity, to produce high quality
    Telephone: +90 312 397 07 14 Address: Macun Mah., 187. Cad., Tuna İş Merkezi, No: 131/27, Gimat, Ankara, Turkey
  • nuts, beverages, iced coffee, cold brew, dried fruits, textile, rose, almonds, pistachios, peanuts, hazelnuts, rose juice, rose drink, razor blade
    As my shops import & export & Distribution company, We are mainly focused on food, textile and machinery. Please also contact on every sector inquiries to get the best
    Telephone: +90 216 747 18 03 Address: Prof. Dr. Necmettin Erbakan Cad. Mehmetbey Apt. 55/2, Ataşehir, İstanbul, Turkey
  • animal feeds, animal feed raw materials, food products, foodstuff, foods, grain, oil seeds, spices, pulses, jute products, milk products, frozen products, dairy products, frozen chickens, butter, cheese, milk powder, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, peanuts, wheat, barley, pasta, dried fruit, oils, beans, lentils, chickpea, pigeon pea
    The Hakan Agro Group has its head office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (USA) and specializes in the management of the supply chain of commodities such as Vegetables, Oilseeds and
    Telephone: +90 324 229 24 25 --- +90 324 229 23 55 Address: YALINAYAK MH.SODA BEKİRDE CD.10100 SK.NO:95 A-B-C, TOROSLAR, MERSIN, TURKEY
  • almonds, beverage ingredients, cocoa, confectionery ingredients, cotton, dairy products, dehydrated vegetables, dried nuts, dried nuts, hazelnuts, industrial raw materials, pazkaged food, peanuts, rice, rubber, sesame, spices, sugar, wood
    We are a leading agri-business operating from seed to shelf in 70 countries, supplying food and industrial raw materials to over 23,000 customers worldwide. We grow, source,
    Telephone: +90 324 326 42 34 / +90 324 326 42 35 Address: 50. Yıl Mah., 2743 Sk., 19-A, Pektaş Statü, A Blok, K: 5, D: 15, Yenişehir, Mersin, Turkey
  • mispat, chickpeas, peanuts, roasted sunflower seeds, raw white sunflower seeds, black sunflower seeds, salted peanuts
    *Special delicious Turkish sunflower seeds, nuts, chickpeases, peanuts, halenuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds, walnut kernel, mispats
    Telephone: +90 274 230 00 42 Address: Akkent Mah. Pir Ahmed Cad. No:14, İş Gelişme Merkezi, Merkez, Kütahya, Turkey
  • request, buy, sell, agricultural, crops, inquiry, export, peanuts, advisory, wholesale, hatay, international, peanuts seeds
    We are a company from Hatay, Turkey and are interested in high quality peanuts to be imported and also to be the wholesaler for this region. Also we are interested in peanut
    Telephone: +905334423131
  • almond, apricot kernels, barley, canned fruit, canned vegetables, cashew nuts, chestnuts, chickpeas, cocoa beans, coffee beans, corn, dried fruit, dried vegetables, fresh vegetables, ginkgo nuts, grains, hazelnuts, kidney beans, lentils, mung beans, peanuts, pecan nuts, pistachio nuts, pumpkin kernels, rice, soybeans, sunflower kernels, vanilla beans, walnuts, wheat
    Sasbab Co., Ltd is one of Western Asia's top producers, with large agricultural and food production at its strong base. A fully integrated business, its activities span from
    Telephone: +905380680024 Address: Ebusuud Street 18 Sirkeci, Eminonu Fatih, Istanbul 34210
  • nuts, dried fruit, peanuts, walnuts, raisins, almond kernel, chocolate
    nuts, dried fruit, peanuts, walnuts, raisins, almond kernel,
    Telephone: 0530 696 55 56 Address: At uşağı mahallesi Göksu Köyü
  • peanuts, raw peanuts, roasted peanuts
    Dear Sir/Madam I would like to introduce our company “ Green Valley” to your honor. Green Valley is a pioneer in the growing peanut, and one of the biggest company in the
    Telephone: +201005334006 Address: Cairo, Egypt
  • nuts, Turkish, delight, Turkish delight, special, traditional, walnut, almond, pistachios, raisins, sauce, peanuts, corn, dried, apricots, dried apricots, spice, herb
    Our company is supplier and exporter of nuts, Turkish, delight, Turkish delight, special, traditional, walnut, almond, pistachios, raisins, sauce, peanuts, corn, dried, apricots,
    Telephone: +905533042337 Address: CANAKKALE/TURKEY
  • nuts, dried fruit, bulk nuts, bulk dried fruit, chickpeas, peanuts, yellow chickpeas, white chickpeas, cashew, crispy chickpeas, colorful cashew, sesame, chickpeas, raw chickpeas, broken chickpeas, chickpea flour, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, hazelnuts, pistachios, corn, oleaster, peanuts, raw peanuts, salted peanuts, green pistachio kernels, red pistachio kernels, locust, black grapes
    Nuts and serious work ethic years of experience, our company operates with its own 4500 m2 closed area has 10,000 m2açık. Our company with experienced
    Telephone: +90 258 371 99 27 Address: Hacı Eyüplü Bulvarı 3126 Sokak No:8 - Denizli, Turkey
  • nuts, hazelnut, walnut, sauce, peanuts, corn, pumpkin, seeds, pumpkin seeds, pistachios, raisins, dried, apricots, dried apricots, field, herbal, land
    Our company is supplier and exporter of nuts, hazelnut, walnut, sauce, peanuts, corn, pumpkin, seeds, pumpkin seeds, pistachios, raisins, dried, apricots, dried apricots,
    Telephone: +90342 2380220 Address: GATEM KURUYEMISCILER SITESI 13. BLOK NO 29/31 GAZIANTEP/TURKEY
  • dried nuts, pistachio, raisins, raisin, roasted pistachio, peanut, peanuts, roasted peanut, roasted peanuts
    “Our company is supplier and exporter of dried nuts, pistachio, raisins, raisin, roasted pistachio, peanut, peanuts, roasted peanut, roasted peanuts, pistachio manufacturer,
    Telephone: +90 342 238 11 91 Address: GATEM 1.FISTIKCILAR SITESI NO 268 GAZIANTEP, TURKEY
  • foodstuffs, dried fruits, dried nuts, driedfruits, driednuts, assorted nuts, sunflower seeds, roasted sunflower seeds, raw sunflower seeds, salty sunflower seeds, saltless sunflower seeds, pistachios, roasted chickpeas, pumpkin seeds, gourd seeds, peanuts, chicks, salty peanuts, salty chicks, almonds, foodstuff, dried fruit, dried nut, dried fruit and nut, dried nut and fruit, driedfruit, driednut, assorted nut, sunflower seed
    Nida Kuruyemis was established by Enis Uruc in Yenisehir/Bursa in 2012 and became a rapid growing company in driednuts sector with its wholesales. Our company processes its
    Telephone: +90 224 773 32 89 Address: İnegöl Cad. No: 81 Şekerciler-Yenişehir - Bursa, Turkey
  • dried nuts, peanut, peanuts, nut, shelled peanut, peanut oil, peanut oils, arachis oil, arachis oils
    “Our company is supplier and exporter of dried nuts, peanut, peanuts, nut, shelled peanut, peanut oil, peanut oils, arachis oil, arachis oils, peanuts manufacturer, peanuts
    Telephone: +90 328 834 22 80 Address: Karataş Mahallesi Atatürk Caddesi No:28 Cevdetiye, Osmaniye, Turkey
  • nuts, peanuts, almonds, walnuts, chickpeas, pistachios, delight, turkish delight, turkish coffee, kernel, cashew, corn, grape, pumpkin seeds
    Our company is supplier and exporter of nuts, peanuts, almonds, walnuts, chickpeas, pistachios, turkish, delight, turkish delight, turkish coffee, kernel, cashew, corn, black,
  • sugar, wheat flour, peanuts
    Telephone: +79895032881
  • foodstuffs, edible nuts, pulses, spices, dried fruits, dried nuts, driedfoods, dried foods, driedfruits, driednuts, sweet foods, sweets, pistachios, pistachio kernels, hazelnuts, walnuts, roasted hazelnut kernels, hazelnut kernels, apricot kernels, peanuts, pine nut kernels, roasted peanuts, chick peas, yellow chick peas, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, white beans, rices, cranberry beans, red split lentils, lentils, green split lentils, cracked ferikes, bulghurs, red peppers, mahaleps, cummin
    Saden Kuruyemis Gida Ltd. Sti. is in service of food including nuts first. Apart from driednuts we export spices, cooking oils and dried fruits to Middle East, Europe, Africa,
    Telephone: +90 326 614 20 61 Address: Savaş Mah. Mareşal Çakmak Cad. Mehmet Dağlı 2 İşh. No: 9/3 İskenderun - Hatay, Turkey
  • canned foods, peanuts raisins, vermicelli
    Telephone: +86 0592 5510907
  • dried nuts, pistachio, hazelnuts, walnut, peanut, peanuts, turkish delight, almonds, almond, walnuts, turkish delights, nuts, nut, industrial pistachio, unshelled pistachio nut, roasted pistachio, roasted salted pistachio
    “Our company is supplier and exporter of dried nuts, pistachio, hazelnuts, walnut, peanut, peanuts, turkish delight, almonds, almond, walnuts, turkish delights, nuts, nut,
    Telephone: +90 342 238 40 41 Address: GATEM İnşaat Malzemeciler Sitesi 2. Blok No: 215 Şehitkamil, Gaziantep, Turkey
  • dry food, nuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds, corn, chickpeas, roasted corns, raw seeds, pistachio, peanuts, almond kernels
    Telephone: +90 342 328 93 67 Address: Aydınlar Mah. Nakıpoğlu Bulvarı 03006 Nolu Cd. No:15 Şehitkamil/GAZİANTEP/TÜRKİYE
  • almond, beans, cashews, chickpea, dried nut, dried nuts, kidney beans, legumes, lentil, peanuts, pistachio, popcorn, pulse, pulses, pumpkin seeds, rice, sunflower seeds, walnut
    Our company, METROSAN T. TARIM GIDA MAK. INS. SAN. TIC. LTD. STL, which was ™ founded in 2004, with its successful works and an understanding of not swerving from quality, has an
    Telephone: +90 324 221 76 21 Address: Karaduvar Mahallesi, Cumhuriyet Bulvari, 133. Cadde, No: 161, Mebas A/3, Mersin, Turkey
  • dried fruit, dried nut, dried nuts, dry nut, dry nuts, drying nuts, gourmet nuts, dried fruit nuts, dried fruits nuts, dry fruit nuts, dry fruits nuts, dry roasted nuts, nut dry fruit, nuts dried fruit, nuts dried fruits, nuts dry fruit, nuts dry fruits, dried fruit and nuts, dried fruit nuts seeds, dried nuts and fruit, dried nuts and fruits, dry fruit and nuts, dry fruits and nuts, nuts dried fruit diet, dried fruit and nut cake, dried fruit and nut trays, almond kernel, antep fıstığı, apricot, black grape, black sunflower kernel, cashew nuts, coffee, dates, dried fruits, hazelnut, figs, almond, mix dried fruit and nuts, pumpkin kernel, roasted chickpeas, roasted chickpeas sugar, salted yellow chickpeas, sauce corn, sauce peanut, soslu leblebi, sunflower kernel, walnut, white chickpeas, yellow chickpeas, yellow grape, salted chickpeas, salted nut mixture, salted sunflower seeds, salted white sunflower seeds, salted yellow chickpea, saltless nut mixture, shelled nuts, shelled peanuts
    Telephone: 90.332 233 76 90 Address: Toptancılar Çarşısı 10. Blok no:22 Konya/Turkey
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